hi everyone

i'm doing my final year project. most probably i'll be implementing them in java.i have norrowed my choices down to two possibilities......one is the implementation of an algorithm for a perfect hash function. the other project is an XML to relational database converting software product.

i m interested in programming as well as databases. so can't really decide among the two. can anyone give any reason for leaving out one of the choices?

hope i'm knocking at the right door


There exists no perfect hashing algorithm.
Libraries full of books exist about the problem of creating optimal hashing algorithms for all kinds of solutions, good luck reading all that in a few months, retaining that knowledge, and finding in it a general ground which would give you a common best solution.

XML to database mappings exist in numbers. It's certainly not original.
Doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it, but do study what's been done before and try to bring some originality to your solution as that's what an assessor would look for (I know I would, if only to check whether you got caught in some pitfall that another project overcame).