i have problem in view the crystal report.
1 ) when i run the report its just show the 1 st page and the rest of the page is not showing at all even the record is nore than a page.
2) the alignment of the report goes bottom of the page when i run it. But when in preview time it shows well as i design it.

how do i solve this !

Try the following -

in the format section , u will get options "New Page After" or "New Page Before". Set these formats and you should be able to view the second page.


Create Two details sections (a,b). Format the detail section b to enable "new page before". Then just drop all your fields/text you want onto each details section (page). If you need more data than what your main query returns, you could also drop subreports into the detail sections....

its solve the 1st q's how about the 2nd q's. when i run the report in my pc it was ok but when i run in the other pc it goes to bottom of the page and out of the alignment.
how do i do that ?

You will have to set up the clients pc the same as above. I'm not sure however if this can be done through code, you will have to play around with the API and search for "next page" setup.