Hi All,

Obviously Im a newbie here.

Firstly let me first make it clear that I am not really a programmer or a software developer but I have a basic background in Programming, I had 8 units of C++ in college, I am more of inclined into IT Networking.

However, I felt that I need to program a simple script or tool that's why I decided to install Visual basic Version 6.

I am running through different tutorials in YT for few days now, and I think I need human inputs or suggestions on how I can correctly start my script.

Here's a brief description of what I've been wanting to do:


Usually, I routinely run an MS Command Prompt to run a 'tracert' command to a specific IP, just to check if a particular/specific IP is one of its hops.

For example: I always check if my trace to IP Address always pass through IP or a backup IP in one of its hops.

Now in my program, I want it to be a "monitoring"-like program, where it there will be an indicator (Maybe an GREEN INDICATOR, if it passing though my desired IP, an ORANGE ALARM with a triggerring sound alarm if it is passing via the backup, and a RED ALARM and will trigger a sound continuosly looping if none of those two IP's are not found in its hops)

Now, I wonder how can I call MS Command Prompt in running the program, and how can I use its returned IP values (the hops) to be used as values in VB.

i really need inputs to get started on this one. I am taking time on this one, I wont mind finishing this in many months or so, Its not a rushed thing, just an attempt to make things easier. :) Suggestions or modifcations Links to other tutorials will be highly appreciated.

many thanks!

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