Hi, in my VB6 app, there are ADMIN and USER type that can log in.
Is it possible that ADMIN can monitor USER activities like when they delete the data, who had log in into the app and else? Thank you

Yes it is. The easiest way is to save every login to a database, save all records deleted to a database with user info etc.

This way an admin can get a report from any user in the system.

But how? Do I need to create a new table? I use ACCESS as my db.
The next is, how can the app save the data by auto everytime the data changed. I search the tutorial but nothing is specific to the subject. Can you help me?

Yes, create a table for the deletion of files, say "UserDeletion". Add fields to it as per your login status as in say UserId, UserName, DateDeleted etc.

Now you need to add code immediatly after the deletion event is done. This is because the user might still cancel the delete action. So, now when they have deleted the file, just add an entry to your database "UserDeletion". The administrator can now retrieve this data.

If you want to know what data was deleted, bypass this by NOT deleting the file, but rather put an extra field in the table called say "ActiveYesNo". Once the user "deletes" the file, you use the edit option and say no in this field. That way the data is not deleted, but hidden from any other users but administrator.

Has this solved your problem gee azizi? If so, please mark this as solved, found at the bottom of this page, thanks.:)