sir i am having a Visual Studio 2008 but it not install with crystal report when i open add new item-> its didnot contain Crystal Report how can i add crystal report and make crystal reports in visual studio 2008

how i install crystal report with visual studio 2008

only crystal reports 2008 install and its open with visual studio 2008
when we click
Project->Add New Item-> and crystal reports shows in thiis file p
please help me

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Did you check Crystal Reports in the list of features to install when you installed Visual Studio 2008? If you didn't do that, no Crystal Reports features will appear in VS. (If you don't remember, you can review the installed features by going into VS setup via Control Panel.)

If you did include Crystal Reports in setup, then do you have any other versions of Visual Studio installed on the same machine? Some people have reported problems with Crystal Reports not appearing properly in VS 2008 if they also have a previous version of VS installed on the same machine. Uninstalling the earlier version reportedly fixes the problem.

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