I am using VB 2008 Express to connect to an Access 2007 database.

I have a combo box named cboYEARMONTH that is populated by the database. I have this part working great.

When the user selects a YEARMONTH with the combo box I want the SelectedIndexChanged event to initiate a query in my database called ExactReprints_Query and limit the results to the YEARMONTH selected in the combo box. The results will then be output to a text box called TxtExactReprints.

Can anyone please help me figure out how to code this part?

Thanks in advance,

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sub cmbYearMonth_SelectedIndexChanged(byval sender as object, byval e as eventargs) handles cmbyearmonth.selectedindexchanged

dim conn as new sqlconnection("?")
dim com as new sqlcommand
dim reader as sqldatareader

com.connection = conn
com.comandtype = storedprocedure
com.commandtext = "ExactReprints_Query"

com.parameters.addwithvalue("@YearMonth", cmbYearMonth.selecteditem) 'or what ever else your parameter is



reader = com.executereader
do while reader.read
txtExactReprints.text &= reader.item("?") & vbtab
end while


if reader isnot nothing then reader.dispose
end try

end sub

write some of your codes out so we can figure out where the problem is

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