I have a datagridview, and I would like to run some queries (fill queries).
when I run a fill query, my dataggridview show only one row, depending on the query parameter. How can I run a query multiple times, without removing the previous rows?

I am using the:

Me.TblWaypointsTableAdapter.EVGetWP(Me.NWVoyDBvw_1DataSet.tblWaypoints, CType(WaypointIDToolStripTextBox.Text, Integer))

But when I run this query, all previous data in the datagridview is removed, and it shows only one row.

I would like to retrieve one by one row from my dataset.
Any ideas for how I can do this?


Do not bind the datagridview to the datatable.
Instead, after each query to the DB, manully add a new row to the datagridview with the info from your data table.

Hope this helps

Hello, thanks for your reply
I need a bit more info to get this to work, I am a amateur at vb.
How do I get the recordset (Query) out of the DB with an unbound datagridview?
Do you have some code sample?