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if you are using the express edition. then that is the limitaion of the express edition. you cant import the report viewer on your tools but if your using the standard edition it is included on the installation of the .net


I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and I have a project that I had been working on and now I wanted to do some reporting so I was going to use some crystal reports, but then I found out I gotta install everything so I did that. I then create a crystal report, but when I go to the form designer I see no crystal report viewer and on top of that when I try and build with just the crystal report added I get build errors. When I start a new project I get none and this isn't a new project I started it in vs2010


here is my chat log trying to figure it out with images
13:05] <goddard> I am trying to generate a report using vs2010 running vb.net connect to an access database
[13:05] <goddard> i have two tables that are suppose to be pulled to generate this report
[13:05] <goddard> connected by id numbers
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[13:06] <goddard> so i create a new data set to get all the information into one so i can generate a report
[13:06] <goddard> that works fine and i use the query builder to do that and it gives me the data i need
[13:06] <goddard> i then generate a report with the report wizard and it will only display have the data from one of the tables in the data set
[13:07] <Teycho> You're going to need to post code or screenshots or something, of all the pertinent parts of this question
[13:07] <goddard> ok ill post what ever you like
[13:08] <goddard> let me find my forum post with the sql code
[13:08] <goddard> http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/vsreportcontrols/thread/7bc2516a-679c-4a25-a782-38566fdf12f8
[13:08] <goddard> thats the forum explaining it with the sql code that works perfectly for me at displaying the data in the query builder
[13:09] <Teycho> firstly, I'd remove the spaces from your field aliases
[13:09] <Teycho> never a good idea
[13:09] <goddard> yes i ended up doing that :D
[13:09] <Teycho> Names of things, be it tables, variables, keys, fields, etc, etc, really shouldn't ever have/need spaces
[13:10] <Teycho> Then paste the CURRENT code, not old code.
[13:10] <goddard> it complained about it just haven't updated it
[13:10] <Teycho> "it complained" is not a good description of a problem
[13:10] <Teycho> you'd need to update anything that expects the old field names, to expect the new field names
[13:10] <goddard> ok i will
[13:10] <Teycho> this means datasets, report tables, etc etc
[13:11] <Teycho> Becuase since you changed the field name, anything that's looking for the old field name will naturally not find it. that's bad
[13:11] <Teycho> whenever you change x, you need to change whatever uses x. common sense
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[13:12] <goddard> ok i fixed them
[13:12] <Teycho> now try again
[13:12] <goddard> yes thats common sense i did sir
[13:12] <goddard> ive created literally 20 of these reports trying different things
[13:13] <goddard> ill try again though hope it works
[13:13] <Teycho> And if not, give new information, new code, new screenshots, etc
[13:13] <Teycho> "it complained" will never, ever be a valid description of a problem
[13:14] <Teycho> you need to give SPECIFIC circumstances and EXACT error messages. every single time
[13:15] <goddard> ok ill post screens
[13:19] <goddard> here is my data set
[13:19] <goddard> http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/3480/dataset.png
[13:19] <goddard> quanity and coupon name are from 2 different tables in the same data base
[13:21] <Teycho> You say the data comes back correctly into query builder
[13:21] <goddard> this is the report im using
[13:21] <goddard> http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/3103/myreport.png
[13:22] <Teycho> that implies the data and query are correct
[13:22] <goddard> yes sir
[13:22] <Teycho> a random screenshot of the 'create new report' screen really don't help
[13:22] <Teycho> the screenshots you post need to actually show what you're doing, and give useful informatiopn
[13:22] <goddard> i just wanted to make sure you knew i wasnt talking about cyrstal reports
[13:22] <goddard> ok ill get another one
[13:22] <Teycho> Given what you've said previously, that was clear
[13:23] <Teycho> preferebly, showing the report definition, how the dataset is added to the report, the field definitions, etc
[13:23] <Teycho> a random screenshot of a blank report won't help
[13:24] <goddard> this is the way i setup my report when i run the wizard
[13:24] <goddard> http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/763/reportsetup.png
[13:26] <Teycho> mmkay
[13:27] <Teycho> you may want to do some research to make sure you know what 'row groups' and 'column groups' are
[13:27] <Teycho> to be sure not both shouldn't go in row groups, or column groups
[13:27] <Teycho> instead of one in each
[13:28] <goddard> this is the result
[13:28] <goddard> http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/5104/resultd.png
[13:30] <Teycho> Yes, that looks incorrect
[13:30] <Teycho> that implies the report definition is incorrect
[13:30] <Teycho> see my previous comment
[13:31] <goddard> ok ill check it again and try another format
[13:31] <Teycho> perhaps instead of randomly guessing, you should research into what each of those lists means
[13:31] <Teycho> you know... learn instead of blind luck
[13:32] <goddard> i did and ive been through lots of tutorials but most are outdated for 2008
[13:32] <goddard> for example i followed this
[13:32] <goddard> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms251724.aspx
[13:33] <goddard> and more but thats one
[13:34] <Teycho> what is the data output from your query? paste the results to a pastebin
[13:34] <Teycho> Then, paste the query
[13:35] <goddard> ok one sec
[13:37] <goddard> here is a pastebin a screen might be better
[13:37] <goddard> http://pastebin.com/Ew10BKKt
[13:38] <goddard> http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/6492/thequery.png
[13:41] <goddard> i just want to count how many coupons were used and display a coupon name rather than a linking id
[13:41] <goddard> seems like there would be a simple tutorial for it
[13:45] <Teycho> I'd suggest putting both fields into columns, and both fields into values
[13:45] <Teycho> or, both fields into columns, ignoring values
[13:45] <Teycho> if that doesn't do it, try both fields into rows, and both into values
[13:45] <Teycho> or, both into rows, nothing into values
[13:46] <goddard> wont let me ignore the values i wish there is new tablix rules or something
[13:47] <Teycho> Then put both into values
[13:47] <Teycho> some combination will work
[13:47] <Teycho> try them all
[13:48] <Teycho> other than that, /me goes home
[13:49] <goddard> hahah
[13:52] <goddard> it works perfect with one table

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