I have just started python as after a chat with a friend I have discovered it would be the most suitable language for my latest project. The problem I have come across is I need a sha1 function written in python. I don't want to use the built in hashlib but I need an open source algorithm that I can modify. Can anybody help me on this one as google shows me nothing in the way of code snippets. Also I tried recreating the algorithm from scratch but turned out terribly hard to convert c++ code to python.

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You could try to convert the C code from the files shamodule.c, sha256module.c and sha512module.c in the python source distribution, which provide the sha algorithms for the hashlib module.

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You can actually bind C and C++ libraries to python, that way you wouldn't need to re-write the code, and would still get the efficiency of the original library.

Well I need to be able to make constant changes to the library without having to recompile the library. Nice idea but not for this situation.

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