I consider myself fairly new to VB.NET, so maybe you could help me here.
I have a bindingSource which is bound to a dataset. I have a filter on the bindingsource. My problem is that when I add a new row, with BindingSource.AddNew, even if it does not match the filter criteria, it still isn't filtered out.
Could it be that the bindingsource filter never filters out detached rows? If so, what can I do in this situation?


Me.TblStempelkarteBindingSource.Filter = "Month = " & getCurrentDate.Month & _
                                                " AND  Day = " & getCurrentDate.Day & _
                                                " AND  Year = " & getCurrentDate.Year

I add a new row to the BindingSource and then do BindingSource.Count. The count always includes the added row, even if the fields do not match Month/Day/Year of my filter.
Thank You!

you need to filter your dataview again

I removed the filter and then applied it again. Doesn't seem to work. Any other suggestions?

Can you provide a bit more code? Like the whole function?

I didn't find a solution to this problem, but I was able to work around it.