Hi , please I am a student in economy so I don't know any thing about programming
but we have Delphi course in our courses.
so the doctor request from us a small project from every student and it is 25% from 100% from all marks in the course.
so I did one project and get other from the internet
so I want to make the second one (convert numbers to words) run when buddy pressed a button in the first one (simi delphi interface) just that ... it is easy.

please help me.

the link for simi delphi interfaces project at http://www.mediafire.com/?inj0ckvf3udab9o
the link for the converter numbers to words at http://www.mediafire.com/?pbk1rsb2cb59cmy

so please take aloook to this little code and modifiy it to me and reupload it for me pleas .

thank a lot.