Sup guys, I got another "little" thing here , i am trying to create a preprocessor macros for SQL language , so when the compiler run into things like SQL key words :

for example : COLUMN(title) TYPE(string),
COLUMN(author) TYPE(string),
COLUMN(copies) TYPE(int),

it automatically will generate appropriate C++ code ( preprocessor ) ..

so my first thought was to overload the "," operator , so it can "collect" the ( COLUMN() TYPE() ) pairs and store them in some temp buffer or smth relative ..

But the thing is that I cant find a way to #define COLUMN() and TYPE() pair into a single thing or class or whatever else to overload the "," operator( overloading is valid under same class or data structure as i read in Stanley B. Lippman few hours ago )

thx in advance..

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Hello! Did you find a solution to your problem, yet?
If you did, could you please share? We might be on the same project and I could really use some ideas...

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