i am trying to developed a translator.the program request an english sentence as input and translate it into my local language(Twi).
i have the entire program written .
i am getting an error that is driving me crazy.
any help will be greatly appreciated .
vb is telling me that value of type 1-dimensional array of string cannot be converted string.
in the english=Getwords(inline)
this is the code have written

//thi subroutine translate english into twi

 Private Sub translateButton1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles translateButton1.Click

        Dim inline() As String
        Dim english As String
        Dim sentence As Translator
//get english words
        Dim line As String = englishTextBox1.Text.Trim.ToUpper
        If line.Substring(line.Length - 1) <> "." Then
            line &= "."
            inline = line.Replace(".", "").Split(" ")
        End If
        english = Getwords(inline)
        sentence = Translate(english)
        germanTextBox2.Text = sentence.twi.Trim & "."
    End Sub

//This fucntion gets the words one by one from the textbox

    Function Getwords(ByVal sentence As String) As String()
        Dim words(100) As String
        Dim length As Integer = 0
        Dim wordcount As Integer = 0
        Dim position As Integer = 0
        Do While position < sentence.Length - 1
            Do While ((sentence.Substring(position, 1) < "A") Or (sentence.Substring(position, 1) > "Z")) And (position < sentence.Length - 1)
                position += 1
            If position < sentence.Length - 1 Then
                length = 1
                Do While ((sentence.Substring(position + length, 1) >= "A") And (sentence.Substring(position + length, 1) <= "Z"))
                    length += 1
                wordcount += 1
                words(wordcount) = sentence.Substring(position, length)
                position += length
            End If
        ReDim Preserve words(wordcount)
        Return words
    End Function

The function GetWors is expected to return one or more words, but the receptor english is a string that can only hold one, so the conversion is not possible.

Changing to

Dim english() As String

will do the work.

Hope this helps