Anyone here got idea to add shortcut in DEsktop automatically run( using Package and Deploy Wizard)?Izzt it is possible to to?

3 ways u could do it:

1) make a shortcut and place it in the cab file generated, then edit the setup file and add the path to it and it will unzipp to the desktop. Drawbacks: if they choose to install your app in another folder, the shortcut wont work.

2) When the program is run make it add a shortcut to the desktop (i lost the code but if i find it ilol post it.

3) dont use the pakaging and deployment sytem, use another install creator eg Install Creator Pro. Drawbacks: you will probably have to use the pakage and deployment wizard to find out where the files need to go and then put them into the install creator manually.

hope that helps.

I use Inno setup Compiler and added the line to the ICONS section near the end.

Name: "{userdesktop}\Name of Program"; Filename: "{app}\myprorgram.exe"; Tasks: desktopicon; WorkingDir: "{app}"

(Name of program is what shows up as Tooltip msg)
By assigning the App to a variable it will keep track of where the program is when installed to non-default directory.

Or you can scourge through S&D wizard and figure it out. The program I developed is 231mb uncompressed but compressed as a setup.exe is comes out to 57mb.

Hope that helps

Hello all,
Could anyone plz tell me how to add desktop icon on request.
I'm using Inno Setup. My code is,
Name: "{userdesktop}\S/W [S/W-VERSION]"; Filename: "{app}\S/W.exe"; WorkingDir: "{app}"; Tasks: desktopicon singleuser
Name: "{commondesktop}\S/W [S/W-VERSION]"; Filename: "{app}\S/W.exe"; WorkingDir: "{app}"; Tasks: desktopicon allusers

This one is creating the desktop icon by default. I want it only on selection. The selection variable here is desktopicon

Hi Maylim26,
As said by Maca007 use Install Creator/Maker instead of pakaging and deployment system. Here I user "Create Install Free" which i downloaded from website using Google. This Install maker is User-friendly to use. With this Install Creator you can do Registering Objects, Registry Entry Adding Shortcuts etc.

About SuganSumi's post, I think this is a new post. Instead of Posting on others thread try to post your own thread with different topic so that you can have maximum chances to solve your thread.


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