matlab 7 04 has a neural network tool box in it with the GUI for creating new networks with a set of training algorithms(it doesnt have ART). can anyone working with matlab for neural networks tell me how to create more hidden layers for the network and change the network parameters using the GUI network manager..which appears after entering nntool. this would be v v helpful..thanks.

I am not sure if you can do this in the original gui, but it should not be the problem if you are willing to change the source.

you can use the following:

1. net.numLayers: which sets the total number of layers in the network.

2. net.layers{i}.size, which sets the number of neurons in the ith layer.

To build an example network, you can define 2 extra layers (a hidden layer with 3 neurons and an output layer with 1 neuron), using:
net.numLayers = 2;
net.layers{1}.size = 3;
net.layers{2}.size = 1;

Hope this will help, you can also visit mathworks (matlab's parent company) or kluid ( its a good matlab forum.

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