im doing parameterized query whereby the user has to enter id and password. im using access database to store my data and using visual studio .net 2003 to build my app. if the id n password match, data is retrieved. i need help to ensure that password typed is of the exact case as stored in database. that means, if password in database is hELLo23 the user cannot access if he types hello23. how do i do that?

second problem is how can i make it such that user types in password and the password appears like this ********?

finally, how do i let password in database appear in encrypted text so that it is impossible to see the password in text format? i read about hash... do i use that? can i have more details?

thanks! =)


Well, implementing the database access, case sensitivity using Access & hashing is slightly out of my ballpark. I know with MS-SQL, the case sensitivity is dependent on the collation or sorting order that you establish the database server with. Among them are choices that include case sensitivity, and non-case sensitive character sets. You can also lock down individual columns in SQL, to minimize the need to hash a password column.

But the password part is easy, in the HTML, just use the <input type="password"> tag.

there is an option called "passwordchar" that will make the textbox display ****'s.

as for the comparing passwords, im not sure.

because obviously if you compare the strings (if(pass==userinput)) its going to return false becuase "==" is case sensative.