I m creating a software in vb (Laboratory management System using ADO as connection) .bt, Nw I m facing a problem..The laboratory's result page should contain a DB Grid control..It has 4 fields namely ITEM CODE,INVESTIGATION,OBSERVED,NORMAL.
Here I want to display the values in ITEMCODE,INVESTIGATION and NORMAL automatically in DB Grid when the page is loaded..And the field OBSERVED should be set for user entry..And also by clicking a save button these details should be saved in another table(in database).What Code should I write??????

Pls...pls...help me...

Firstly we do not normally respond to titles with "Help", "Urgent" etc contained in it. Please read our posting rules.Being new, no harm no foul.

You do however need to show us what you have so far, again our rules, we do not do full projects here. Show your code and we will gladly add to it or help to solve an error.:)