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i posted the same thing in the c# forum, didn't get a response and still having issues. I rewrote the same thing in vb.net, hopefully someone here might know the answer

i am writing this transport agent to verify the subject line of outgoing email on an exchange 07 server. it checks the subject line, if it is blank, it places a default subject, otherwise it format it to propercase and forwards the message (methdo to remove all capital letters from the subject line)..

Imports System
Imports System.Collections.Generic
Imports System.Text
Imports Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport
Imports Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport.Routing
Imports Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport.Smtp

Namespace mySubjectAgent

    NotInheritable Class myRoutingFactory

        Inherits RoutingAgentFactory

        Public Overrides Function CreateAgent(ByVal server As SmtpServer) As RoutingAgent
            Return New MyAgent
        End Function

    End Class

    Public Class MyAgent
        Inherits RoutingAgent

        Private Sub MyEndOfDataHandler(ByVal source As SubmittedMessageEventSource, ByVal e As QueuedMessageEventArgs) Handles Me.OnSubmittedMessage
            If e.MailItem.Message.Subject.Length = 0 Then
                e.MailItem.Message.Subject = "Kranichs Jewelers"
                e.MailItem.Message.Subject = StrConv(e.MailItem.Message.Subject, VbStrConv.ProperCase)
            End If
        End Sub

    End Class

End Namespace

the commands that i run in the exchange management shell are:

Install-TransportAgent -Name "mySubjectAgents" -TransportAgentFactory "mySubjectAgent.mySubjectAgent.myRoutingFactory" -AssemblyPath "E:\TransportAgents\mySubjectAgent.dll"

close management console

Enable-TransportAgent -Identity "SubjectAgent"

retstart the exchange transport

the angent installs, however it freezes the que and no email is sent out untilt he agent is disabled and uninstalled.

any help is appreciated, thanks

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