i have manage to use a code from a coder from apple, posted on google code but does not have support any more and i have having a big situacion here i really deen some guide on how git this runing the right way case i promesi i have trie evrething in my power...

i have mange to port all that source but when i run it from my Program it will trow
this is the line in the code tha breakin out, please Someone....please


iPhoneInterface = New iPhone(AddressOf iPhoneConnected_EventHandler, AddressOf iPhoneDisconnected_EventHandler)


Error	102	Too many arguments to 'Public Sub New()'.	C:\Users\juanchito\Desktop\iH8sn0w-sn0wbreeze\frmMain.vb	917	38	SnowBreak

Now i have manage to run it just direct, an runs flassles but i dont know why keep bumping me here.... please gyus, i hace add many features tu this and will love to keep this one cuse i love theway this ftp run direct to the Phone With out need off Hack or Anathing

Herers is the Code From that Wform Complete

this is the idea iam workin on


CODE HERE i Did Try paste here but it gave me a error on To many Words///bla bla//

Please guis, i hope i have not break any rules since if free Download and OpenSource code, and by law we can play with aor digital phone..

The Code and Page in Cuestion is iphone open free sourc code

Im on Vb 09 o Vb 10 and appl is on dotnet2 , any other info, just leetme know And Big Thankz To all in this Wonder full Please

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Please check your code - argument type, order of argument.

Please check your code - argument type, order of argument.

Ok Iam Going NUTS here ok can you be kind enough to ether explain to me what i need to do or post and example on where i need to do the change every time i try to do a move or change the code to call it from somewhere else it just xplote... anh 13 others errors....

please man,,,,

And thank you so much in advance

come on please i kmow it must be a stupid thing to do but iam so stuck in this step,
i can just go a head ans create a small .exe and call it true process.star "" but i dont want that i will like ti make all together in on EXE please some-1 aim begin....LOL

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