Does anyone have (or know of) VS c++ which performs capture image using Hidden Markov Model,


An HMM is just a model, not an algorithm. What is the task you want to accomplish? Feature detection, object tracking, mapping, compression, etc. ?

Your best bet when it comes to vision stuff is OpenCV. If this library does not have the algorithm or method you want, chances are that you will have a hard time finding a good implementation of it elsewhere. You might not find HMM mentioned too much anywhere there because, for many methods, it is, implicitly, the underlying model and thus it is not even worth mentioning.

I know it is Model, but I want to use it for Feature detection, so any help in this, I'll appreciate it.
thank yoy

Did you try Googling? There's plenty of code out there for this type of thing. One example, with a nice webpage to explain it. http://webdocs.cs.ualberta.ca/~lindek/hmm.htm That gives you the HMM part and you can get the camera code from OpenCV (I haven't looked under the hood of that library quite yet, but it seems like Mike is saying that a lot of their stuff is based on HMM anyway).

thank you so much,
I'll try it, and if you have any more help kindly please do it,
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