I am using Fedora 14 since last month , i tried to use do C coding on it but unfortunately
compilation command is not working in it although GCC is installed on it.
Need some help!

hi there

I think you should go through this tutorial and if you still don't get to compile then please tell what command are you issuing and if any error is being displayed.

I may provide you with some general information here:
After you have created your c source file,
Use command-

gcc -Wall source.c -o output

Here "source.c" is the file you have c code written into and "output" is the name of binary which will be generated after successful compilation.
To execute your program command will be-



I use gcc filename.c for compilation & ./a.out for output

hi there
thats fine, using -Wall shows you warnings so thats good to use.
So can you tell me if you get any error or message while compiling or executing.
If you don't get any error then what exactly happens after you give ./a.out command.


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