i want to move a character A on the screen by using arrow keys.
i know that there are 25 rows and 80 columns.i take a character input as follows:

char input;

int put=input;

here, the ascii value of input goes in put.
i am using the ascii codes of arrows from the first table given in the link:


but when i apply if condition that:


//j+1 means that the character should move one column forward

the character stays still.
it doesn't move a column even

please help me

i m using visual basic six professional edition

If you are using VB6 then you are using the wrong compiler. VB6 can not compile c or c++ code.

no sir, it does.
i have been using VB6 since last 2 years. and m studying c++

You may have been using vb6 but I will guarentee on my deathbed that you are not compiling c++ code with it. Maybe you mean VC++ 6.0??? Those two are not the same.

The best C++ compiler is Borland Turbo C++. It provides you great programming environment.

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The best C++ compiler is Borland Turbo C++. .

Only if you are 10 years old or younger. No adult would think of using that compiler any more for anything other than a toy to play with.

but i am just a beginner in C++.. thats why i use it.

but i am just a beginner in C++.. thats why i use it.

Use a modern compiler such as Code::Blocks so that you can learn how to write c++ programs correctly. Would you try to learn how to repair 2011 model automobils by using a 1920 Ford? Of course not! So why use a 1980 compiler to write 2011 programs on 2011 operating systems?