Hello all, I am third year student pursuing computer science engineering and I want to develop a software which can be coded in C and includes integrating it with database for data. I really need help for some ideas which are new(I need to develop something which is original or a reformation of the defined software)so any suggestions from your side would be welcomed.. Please take into consideration that I am just a student so please don't give too complex ideas.. I have 1 week time which I can give to this..

I think the most interesting projects are ones that you will use yourself. Maybe you could think of ways software could help you. If you like to cook, you could make a recipe database and a program that comes up with a recipe that fufills a certain list of ingredients. If you're interested in AI, you could design a small game that will play with you. If you need to use a database, think of what you'll store in it. Contact information? Notes? Passwords? Any of those examples would require a different sort of program to go with it. Hopefully that helps a bit.

Yeah you could make a notes application, or a scheduler which would alert the user at a certain time, etc.

and when you say "third year" does that mean you're on year 3/4 for a bachelor's degree?

I would make something useful to yourself, I have a few of them.