I have an Access relation database with a few tables.

Customer, order, process1, process11, process130 etc.

Customer Primary key is CID
Order tabel har Primary Key OrderID and Forreign Key CID

All the Processtables has ID as PrimaryKey and OrderID as Forreign Keys.

The relations are set to 1 to Many.

1 Customer -> Many Orders
1 Oder -> Many Processes

I have filled theese tables with data seperatly and the update works great.
But when I know want to change data in the Order-table the update fails because I have related posts in Process130-table.

I have set the DataSet.EnforceConstraints = False but that did not help.

I also update all the Process-tables before I try to update the Order-table but no luck.

Can anyone please give me a hint to what I am doing wrong?

The primary key fields should not be updated. IE: if you have an orderid = 23 is not a good practice to change it to 24 in the table orders and expect that all the related records on the processes tables will change automatically to the new key value.

Anyway, you can do it. In order to do so, all the relations (all the involved relations) between tables must be defined to update the related records in the child tables on the relations screen.

Hope this helps.