Hi guys,

I am having A LOT of trouble with this problem. If someone can help me out that would be so appreaciated.

ATTACHED- below is my problem in my pdf file

I email'd my teacher and this was his response. " you need to implement the three classes that are given in the uml diagram in the attachment" ( See below for PDF file of the problem ) The UML diagram should provide enough information to do so. For each of those classes, you will also need to develop a tester program. A tester program is a class in which has a main method, instantiates the class your're testing, and tests the methods on that class"

Like i said before i just dont know where to begin or how to execute this or anything.


Like i said before i just dont know where to begin or how to execute this or anything.

How about by writing these 3 classes from UML diagrams provided by your teacher, posting here instead of waiting somebody do it for you? Diagrams are clearly giving you name of classes, variables and methods to be implemented. Write this down in code and post back

PS: We do learn either on mistakes of others (preferred choice) or on our own mistakes. So far you didn't try either.

ok first don't insult me for asking for a handout on my work. I come Here for help and I get this. what I'm trying to say is that I don't know how to put it in code! I don't know where I should start or really what the question is asking.

1. Forum rule - We only give homework help to those who show effort
2. You are insulting us with your lie about not being able to do this. No teacher would give his students assignments they cannot solve through knowledge they accumulated through their lessons. You are insulting in asking as to do your work instead of you.
3. I went through same stuff few years back at uni so do know how the games go.
4. I already told you what you have to do and what you already have there. If you so lazy to take down the names of classes, variables and methods well then bad for you as we will NOT help you if you are not cooperating and not doing what you are told to do.


So you are calling me a liar on not knowing how to do a part of code. Im sorry but it sounds like to me that your the one who doesnt know how to do it. Stop trolling my thread so i can get some actual help from someone who knows how to do this work.

oh and by the way I KNOW HOW TO USE CAPITAL LETTERS TOO OMG. and one more thing. I bet you like to take it up the butt.

To the rest of my readers on this thread. Can someone else please enlighten me on how i start my coding out? I never said i was asking for a hand out. I was just asking for help. Thank you do the real people who read this thread and are able to help me.

Be glad you end up only with closed thread for insulting.
As for what you been supposed to do with UML and I wanted to do from you was

public class Person{
  private String firstName;
  private String lastName;
  private Date dob;
  private String gender;

  public Person(){}

  public Person(String firstName, Sting lastName, Date dob, String gender){

  public String getFullName(){

  public String getGender(){

Now go and congratulate your self on making enemy of somebody who could and was willing to help.

Thread closed. You are welcome to create new thread, but you need to change your attitude and prove that you are working on assignment.