Please I'm trying to help myself know vb.net very well so that i can use it in my final year project.
what i want is to search for a field in the database (Access) in case you want to search for all the male records, female records, same name i.e. the search all similar names, or by date the user registered.by using text box. All also sorting of the records before exporting it to excel....I have the the excel work and is working.....Please help me i need to start my project as soon as possible. thank you.

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please, the form contain a combo box and a text box
the combo box contain the name of all the column in the data grid i.e. the database field.
I wanna sort my records by E.G combo box select Age, text box you type the age of the person (30)yrs
the other combo box, you choose another field like (state), text box you type in the state name (Malaysia)and so on..
etc...because i have five(5) combo box and five(5) text box. And is not a must that i mush fill in all records in the combo box and the text box to sort...I can enter only three, two, four or the five to sort in my records and display them in the data grid...
Please this is the kind of sorting I'm trying to do for the past 2weeks now...i have tried...no way out...Hope u understand my scenario...? thanks wait for you answer...Please I need the CODE to do my work..thanks

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