hi i have a project to do for school and im not sure if im on the right track i would like some opinions

here is the description of what i have to do

Part A
1. Start a new C# project named SalespersonDemo.cs, as
shown in Exercise 9 on page 365.
2. Save this program in the Chapter.08 folder in your
Student files. Refer to Figure 1 as you create your new
project. Create an abstract class named Salesperson.
Refer to pp. 338–341 of your textbook.
3. Include the following fields in abstract class Salesperson,
which are required by the Salesperson constructor:
• First name
• Last name

Include a get method that returns a string that holds the
salesperson’s full name, which consists of the first and
last names separated by a space.

Part B
1. Create two child classes:
• RealEstateSalesperson class, which contains a
total value sold in dollars field and a total commission
earned field that are initialized to 0 and a commis-
sions rate field required by the class constructor
• GirlScout class, which includes a field to hold the
number of boxes of cookies sold, which is initialized
to 0

Note: Include set methods for every field. Refer to pp.
319–334 of your textbook.

Part C

1. Create an interface named ISell that contains two
• SalesSpeech(), which you’ll implement in all classes
to display an appropriate one- or two-sentence sales
speech that the objects of the class could use
•MakeSales(), which you’ll implement in the
RealEstateSalesperson class to accept an in-
teger dollar value for a house that’s added to the
value of the RealEstateSalesperson’s total value
sold. This will then compute the total commission
earned. You’ll also implement the MakeSales()
method in the GirlScout class to accept an in-
teger representing number of boxes of cookies sold
and add it to the total field. Refer to pp. 341–348
of your textbook.

There is more to it but i havent gotten to that yet

heres what i have so far

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace salespersondemo

    public interface ISell
        string SalesSpeech();
        int MakeSale();

    abstract class SalesPerson : ISell
        private string firstName;
        private string lastName;
        private string fullName;

        public string FirstName
                Console.Write("Please enter the employe's first name : ");

                firstName = Console.ReadLine();
        public string LastName
                Console.Write("Please enter the employe's last name : ");

                lastName = Console.ReadLine();

        public string FullName
                fullName = firstName + " " + lastName;

    public class RealEstateSalesPerson : SalesPerson

        double valueSold = 0;
        double commission = 0;
        double rate;

        public override string SalesSpeech()
            return "Would you like to buy this amazing house for a very good price";

        public override int MakeSale()
            Console.Write("Please enter the amount of the sale :");
            ValueSold = Console.ReadLine();
            Commission = valueSold * rate;


        public class GirlScout : SalesPerson
            private double boxesSold = 0;

            public double BoxesSold { set; }


You have A3 backwards, it should only be a get method returning the values required.
You have no constructor for RealEstateSalesperson as required by B1. You also placed your set methods in the base class, and part B says place them in the child classes.
Your MakeSales method signature is wrong. You don't have a parameter as required by the problem.
You are missing the MakeSales method in GirlScout.

There are other issues that will generate compiler errors, but don't worry about them until you get the requirements down.

Personally, I wouldn't put the input methods into the get calls, but I don't know how your teacher is instructing you and they may like that sort of thing. It limits the usefulness of the class and it's reusability.

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