I don't just mean demographics like what Facebook Insights offer, I mean that if a user visits your business page, you can be notified of their full name and email. Is it possible to obtain such information by just visiting a page? I am not paranoid, I was just hearing from a fellow that this "Social Marketing" Company offers such service.
I believe that if they could do that, it would be violating A LOT of privacy rules regarding Facebook. Even if you can't do that, can you track a users identity if they click the Like button?
I am just getting into the social marketing thing for my web design and I really wish to know what apps these "Social Marketing" companies are using to obtain such data.

NOTICE: They said they can track a users full name and email even if they do NOT click the Like button

If there is an app or method of doing that, I would be very thankful if you could share.

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This is possible. When accessing the page, the user will be presented with a Facebook dialog box from Facebook asking them if it is okay to share their public profile Facebook information with the current website.

Sometimes you see a similar dialog box when loading Facebook games such as Farmville.

It is really possible for the company to get the full name and email by just visiting the business page? I have no idea even when a person clicks the like button. Thanks for the prompt answer here, @cscgal. That is great help for my curiousness in this matter.

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