hey. i am trying to compile my project into a .exe application. this project has already been compiled already but i made some improvements and i now want to compile can some one help me on ho to go about it. i tried build>build solution but the program is not working

Please clarify 'but the program is not working'.

If you run the application from the Visual Studio (F5), is it working fine? If yes,

* Inside the application source folder, did you found any exe file? If yes,
** Is it located in a folder called bin? If yes,
*** Did you found any other files like .dll or .res in the same folder?

* Did you created an installation project to deploy the application? If yes,
** Did you tryed to deplñoy in a test pc other than developper? If yes,
*** There where errors?
*** The deployed application starts?

Any additional info you can provide will be helpful.

Thanks in advance for the info