can i make myself simple game in c#. if yes then pleasesend me code for Tic Tac[/B] Toe

What type of game , And what do you mean simple game ?

Which game have you tried for yourself to make?
And what problems did you encounter?

i want make game
This is game which has " x "label and "o" Two user Play this game
i am not understanding how can i create it .please Help

Before writing a program ,The first thing you need to do is to follow the standard software design procedure

1.Identify the scenarios
2.Write pseudocode
3.Design the algorithm
4.Write the program

If you havent done the first 3 , I can guarnatee you , you cannot reach to the 4rth point

Please come back with the first three , I will tell you how to do the 4rth

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Thanks Mitja You solved this problem pleas send me such more game design i will try make it myself thanks