I have no specific question, though I could go on asking random questions for days. I am still rather early in the learning phase as far as c++ goes. I decided to post here for a rather different reason. I was Google searching for a problem related to getch() and I stumbled across this thread and read through it eagerly. I found great humor in people's eagerness to drag up a dead thread and post irrelevant or incorrect information, which is nothing new to internet forums. I enjoyed reading your articulate and thought-out responses. Though one user accused you of being rude, I rather saw your responses as being blunt and far less offensive the response of those who attacked you. My point with all of this is that I greatly appreciate you choosing to continue to answer posts, despite the thread being ancient. I learned much information that may have been rather difficult to acquire elsewhere. So the bottom line and point of my post is thank you for being so helpful.
I suppose while I am here I may as well ask one question. I am curious as to the response of a programmer such as yourself, who is clearly very experienced.
Which editor/compiler/environment or combination there-of do you prefer to do your programming in?


Thanks for those kind words. :)

To answer your question, I prefer Visual Studio with the Comeau front end and Dinkumware standard library implementation. Though that doesn't stop me from using several compilers on a regular basis. It's a habit I got into for maximum portability.