I'm using your RSS FEED link to get all the news or event that is happening in your forum. however i am only interested in whats happening in the Java forum.

Is there a way where i can RSS only the Java forum?

I also noticed that one is able to subscribe to the specific forums, this would be great, but in my experience - with other forum is subscribe to - my inbox becomes cluterred with mail that i spent quite sometime trying to create a filters that works (i.e. to put all the mail posted in the forum to a specific folder )

Has anyone tried to subscribe to this forum, if so, is there some kind of format where the subject line in the emails are always the same (i.e. DaniWeb Java forum: "subject line" ) or something like this so i can easily filter out this mails to a specific folder.


hey thanks for the reply.
set my RSS feed to the correct link and hey presto, it does what it say on the tin.

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