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Sigh not exactly what i was looking for.. I just wanted to know if its possible strictly in c++ but I guess no so ill just mark this one as solved.. If ppl have responses then they can respond as im always checking back.. ty for your response though sir.


Yes, it is possible in pure C++. The code shown there is just calling Windows API functions and using Windows API structures and constants. If you translate the example given, you can accomplish the same result in C++.

Generally, if two programming languages have an equivalent mapping to a given API, the two languages can accomplish the same tasks with that API.


I got a little bored today, so I threw together a sample project that shows how to embed the console window. I started with the default Visual Studio 2010 window project, cleaned it up a tad, and followed the API calls in the link you posted. You have to click on the console window to give it focus, and the sizing is a little goofy, but otherwise it should give you the general idea of what to do. I've only tested this on Windows 7.


Guaranteed to function exactly as coded. No warranties otherwise. ;)

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