I am having an issue with my legacy app saving files to Windows 7 machines. My first thought was that I would just run the program as administrator but that helped none. I have attempted saving this image to the temp folder and to appdata but neither seems to be working. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


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Depends on the code you might have. If you have used "App.Path" for instance, it will raise an error because the user paths in xp is different from Vista and Win 7.

Have a look at this link I have posted before on the requirements moving to vista or win7.

Thanks for the reply. I have solved the problem. It was dealing with a 3rd party dll's saving method. I had to remove the call to saving through that dll and do it the "Right" way to get it to work.

commented: For solving your own thread.:) +6

It was a pleasure. That the problem dealing with "others" controls, it tends to mess up when you least expect it.:)

Happy coding.

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