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can you guys help me out in making my program 4 a score board using assembly language... i'm using the PIC16F84A im gonna use 3 inputs one for plus and the other for subtraction of scores and the last one will be for reset... can you atleast give me an idea...


I'm sure there are practical uses that others will be happy to detail. The pedagogical use, though is worth mentioning: I'm learning assembly to understand the machine better, and to get a better handle on what I'm doing in C.
I don't think I'm going to generate any non-trivial code in assembly, but it's a good exercise for the brain.


Hi guys can help me with solution my qustion in assembly languge 8085 ....

Q : Write an assembly program to determine the number of negative numbers in a 100 elements array starting at address 2500H .?

my name is Fouad Akram


Each assembly compiler may be fit to certain architecture. Can't just say 'assembly' and can be used it all computer architectures nowadays. I did only MIPS32, MS Assembler, and the other one I cannot remember its name... Also, I am sure that assembly will help you understand atomic better when it comes to concurrent programming.

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