i have create 2 form , 1 database
1 textbox and 1 button reset in form 1 = "fill current username" = textbox1, button = reset....

3 text and 1 button on form 2...new username = textbox 3,new password = textbox4,confirmpass = textbox5 and 1 button "sign up"..i just wondering, in button sign up can i use insert statment or i need other code...

so when i wont reset current password and username, i just to type current name and click reset button,after reset automaticly i must to create new username and password again in form2..

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not clear..more information friend...
User input current username in form1 and directed to form2..
In form2, Do you want to insert new data or you want to edit current user data?
if u want to edit current data in form2 then you should to use update query.

i create 1 button on form1 that can reset password on access databse...after i click reset button i must fill new username and password

ok..i understand now.
then how far you doing this?
post your reset code in form2.

can i use Delete sttment to reset password and insert statment to insert new password..

actually i become confused with all your posts..
if you want to Reset Password then all you need is UPDATE PASSWORD..don't delete it..
you just change the password of current user..
UPDATE record is different with ADD NEW Record.
so you don't have to Delete password or Insert new password just UPDATE new password.
You can use UPDATE Statment..

i just wont to know how to make reset button...thanz...

i can't give u a code..because i don't know about your code..
what type of database connection? adodb? oledb?
actually how far you doing this..

i know how to use update statment...thanz help me...

>>i know how to use update statment...thanz help me...
your post is not answer my question..

im using oledb and build 1 project that have 3 user..admin,manager and clerk...my project 90 complete,only admin not complete cz b4 this i dont know to create reset button must using update statment.. but now i know how to make reset password...thanz cz u told me make reset password using update statment..

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