Hi guys.
I have some questions about very long diagram that I have to make. In short lines the task is this:
airplanes and airports.
The airports have these characteristics:
One runway and multiple hangars.
Some of the airports are only military.
The airplanes have these characteristics:
Max time for departure.
Time for maintenance in hangars.

The plains are divided to military and civil planes. The military and civil are divided to cargo and passenger planes.
Passenger planes nave number of seats and the cargo have max capacity.

So far I have this:

About the military and civil plane, I think that a flag will do the trick like this:

if (FLAG==1){

Can you gyus help me with the relationships and dependencies and with the operations?
Thanks :)

So you have Airplanes and Airports, but the Airplanes could have multiple attributes. Some of these attributes are mutual exclusive and some are shared.

Question... Do both military and civil plane consist of cargo and passenger types? Not sure about what you said above.

Yeah, both are cargo and passenger.

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