I posted about this on Stack Overflow, but I think my explanation of the project wasn't clear, as none of the answers have really be on point.

I want to make a windows based software deployment system in C# NET. The idea is that a C# NET console application (server) will run on a dedicated machine with a local MySQL database. It will use an ASP.NET front end (accessible by admins/users). There will also be a C# NET console application (client) that is installed on other dedicated machines where the software will be deployed to.

It will need to...

- Create New Installation of software on a specific machine
- Query the software to make sure it is online
- etc

My question is basically am I going about this right? I have really only done C++ applications for years with no networking involved, so this is somewhat new to me.

Stack Overflow suggested WFC, however it sounds like if I make functions such as DownloadFile() or CreateWindowsService() on the server, when the client consumes the function, it won't actually be ran on the client.

So I am trying to get a grasp on what I need to do to look into in terms of setting this up.

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Looks like it will do what you want.

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