Hi, i want to develop an one final solution to the problem COMPUTER VIRUS. my idea is that to develop an antivirus like software.its not an anti virus but its more better than that. every anti virus softwares like avast,ca, quickhil,kaspersky..... have some drawbacks. to avoid it i want to develop on software with few updates.so, i need to know where the viruses attack or resides on computer after it was entered. i know 'c'.'VB','JAVA'.. i am a engineering student.please help me, i need ur help.

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Try a vaccine.

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Well, what do you want help with? You can't just say that you want help. You'll have to maybe google up some facts about viruses to begin with. Although It sounds like you're a beginner, and I believe that antivirus software is a big project, so you should probably not start with this. But if you start a project, get some code here and ask more specialized questions.

to avoid it i want to develop on software with few updates

The updates you speak of are definitions of newly discovered viruses and occasionally software improvements. When writing reactive software, there's really no avoiding regular updates for something as constantly evolving as viruses.

If you're thinking of a strictly heuristic-based approach, that's a good start (every anti-virus suite out there uses it to some extent), but incomplete.

i need to know where the viruses attack or resides on computer after it was entered

Everywhere and everywhere, respectively.

Viruses are a large, and constantly changing area of study. They may attack:

1) Through your browser (common), but any running program that can be "hijacked", including any part of the operating system, including the services, etc., will do nicely.

2) By tricking you into downloading a trojan, which is not seen as a virus. Later, that trojan will activate, and d/l the real viral code in turn, and activate it.

3) By replacing, deleting, or altering system files, or registry entries, and running a "guard" program to keep the victim from accessing help websites. Norton, Kaperski, AVG, Avast, MS, and others, become unavailable. Also, you may have no ability to see your Task Manager anymore.

4) By creating it's own rootkit. You now have a co-owner of your system, hello!

5) By monitoring your keystrokes (keylogging), and/or searching your drives for passwords, personal data, financial data, etc. Anything and everything of value that they can find, steal, and then use or sell.

Stay tuned for "updates with film", later! ;) Yes, it's the Wild Wild West as far as viruses go. Stopping them, without creating false positives (which would be worse than the virus), is a real challenge.

You will have to study viruses, and how they work, quite a bit, before you can write an effective program to defeat them. All of that, has to come first, before you can even think about writing any code for your program.

Try a vaccine.

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