i really have a hard time creating classes...it seems as if i always run into the trouble of....should this be a function in the class......should it be private or protected......does this really need to be a member variable of the class.....what all should my constructor have inside of it....how can i make my class loosely coupled....

Im curious as to if anyone has any good books/reads/articles i could read up and have most of the questions awnsered! -thx

Hi lochnessmonster,

Have you considered the tutorials @ http://www.learncpp.com/

I've been using it for rehashing my knowledge on OOP and it's been amazing. I've got a $100 book sitting right on my desk a foot from me, but the author on that site has made everything so easy to understand that I'm pissed at having had to spend so much money for my C++ class. *sigh*

Also, another good (albeit much less detailed) site is cplusplus.com/docs/tutorials

However, I'd REALLY recommend LearnCPP simply because it's working (for me).