I am designing a lot of TCheckBox at runtime, and uses mathematical formulas for placing these in columns and rows afterwards on a form.

I assign an on click event that is exactly the same on all of them, and everything work,
except... Color.

My OnClick event is made like this:

procedure TForm1.CheckBoxClicked(sender: TObject) ;
    if Sender is TCheckBox then
      WITH TCheckBox(Sender) DO BEGIN
        IF Color=clBtnFace THEN BEGIN
          Caption:='TESTER 1';
          TCheckBox(Sender).     Color:=clGreen;
        ELSE IF Color=clGreen THEN BEGIN
          Caption:='TESTER 2';
        ELSE IF Color=clRed   THEN BEGIN
          Caption:='TESTER 3';
        END ELSE Color:=clBtnFace;

My aim is to change the color one way or another on either the background or the actual text/font, but I have so far been unable to change this.
I get checkboxes that I can click on. Each click does cycle through the different captions. The color property is set correctly, otherwise this cycling would not work.

My form however when I run the program...
Always a green check when it is checked. Always Black text.
I have tried making all Parent properties False, but still I only get Black text and no color.

I would really appreciate some explanation and a solution to this problem.
I use Delphi 9 and Delphi 5, and experience the same on two different computers.
On Delphi 9, I cant even change Font color when I place CheckBoxes on the form.
On Delphi 5, I can change Font Color on CheckBoxes on the form, but when program run, then I only get Black Text.

Delphi 9 is installed on Windows XP. Delphi 5 is installed on Windows 7.

Thanks in advance.

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Project -> Options -> Application -> Enable Runtime Themes - uncheck this

Such a simple solution :-)

I tested it and it works.

Thank you so much.
You are a gem.

Project -> Options -> Application -> Enable Runtime Themes - uncheck this

Amazing how the biggest problems some times have the easiest solutions.
Thank you so much.

Knowledge comes with experience. Experience - do not spend on drink. I'm glad I could help.

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