I bought a Wacom Bamboo Pen Graphic Tablet. The software which came with the tablet is way below my needs/expectations. I found some sample prgrams from Wacom that require Microsoft Dev Studio C++, which I do not have. But I DO have Delphi Pascal 2007.

Does anyone know of any graphic drawing software written in Delphi Pascal (other than the old pre-windows versions)? I'd like to have software that lets me make flow charts, data flow diagrams, etc. easily. Also let me draw on any displayed screen, mostly for highlighting items being displayed.

My primary interest is for teaching a programming course for adults and older children (14 & up).

I did find ZoomIt, a Microsoft program that does some of what I want, but is rather cumbersome to use.

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Might want to check out this website


It looks like there may be some programs there that would be able to make flow charts.

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Thanks for the pointer.

I didn't see anything there that offers what I want. The flow chart diagramming looks like a nice program, but isn't what I'm after.

what are you after bro?

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