This is my first post and my first experience with Python. My environment is Windows XP/Win7. I have installed ActivePython 2.7, extensions and other packages and run many test scripts. I was especially interested that a .py file could include code to self-register as a COM object, and according to docs could be accessible with CreateObject() in scripting languages that support COM.

I ran and self-registered a basic Hello World script. But trying to access it with CreateObject() in VBA or other scripting code I get the error that the C libraries could not load which I tracked down to the issue that Python binaries are compiled in Visual Studio 2008 and require the VC90.CRT manifest in the calling app.

Probably I read the docs wrong, but how do I get around this issue as I am not calling the Python COM object with an exe that has the manifest embedded.

BTW: If I include the Python code in a .wsc file I can use GetObject().

This is a transitional step as I would be moving from current apps scripted in other languages to running 100% from Python (if possible).

TIA. appreciate any response and directions.

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Oh, as for the solution. After installing ActivePython I installed a vc80.crt package the and ran a script that included

import msvcp

This set of C++ runtimes requires the manifest. After uninstalling and removing that line everything worked fine with the runtimes included with ActivePython. Just getting my feet wet.

Thanks for sharing your solution!
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