i developed a chatting application..

i want to do three things in the Frame Resizing. but i don't know how to do..? any one pls help me..

1. i tried to restrict the user cann't resize the frame less than (300,600) by setPreferedSize(). it works. but the user can resize upto 0,0 .. when the user leave the mouse button for resize, then it comes to the preferedsize. i want to restrict the user cannot resize less than 300,600. How to do..?

2. when the user minimize or maximize the frame size, after leave the mouse button for minisize/maximize, it draws the frame based for frame size.. i need to draw same time when i resize the frame. how to do?

3. when the frame is in resized size, i want to show to the dots (like triangle)in the right-bottom corner of the status bar to indicate the user can maximize or resize the frame. how to do..?

if any one come to know this, pls tell me..

Hmmmm.... Maybe add a component listener to your JFrame(extending Component Adapter). Then you should get a method labeled componentResized(). In that method you need some custom checking.

Try setMinimumSize().

As for the dots, you mean the thing that looks like this?

< Removed - My ascii art kind of sucks :P >
I think you'd have to draw that yourself though.

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