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  • Ahh... Good to know. That explains it. Doesn't really explain THIS thread by the same guy... [url]http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/cpp/threads/358912[/url] If I was inclined to give the OP the benefit of the doubt, I'd assume someone made a mistake when splitting the threads or he made an error editing it, but since I'm … Read More


this game is between a player and computer can you
make it between two player please ?

That would be your job. If you have working code to begin with.



It's because on line 38 you have the wrong assignment and 86 is a wrong comparison.

The Psychic Programmer speaks...

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bro i want this software to be between two player not between 1 player and the computer where should i fix in wich line ?


Bro, we have no idea what your code looks like. And we are not a coding service! I don't believe you've tried anything.

You have been asked before to read the Member Rules. It's obvious you haven't or you would have seen
1) Do use clear and relevant titles for new threads, none of your thread titles is clear nor relevant
2) Do not hijack old threads by posting a new question as a reply to an old one which you did for this question
3) Do not write in all uppercase or use "leet", "txt" or "chatroom" speak which you did above
4 Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from schoolwork assignments, and saying "IM TRYING BUT IT'S NOT WORKING" doesn't qualify.

And always calling us bro is annoying at best.


but then where are people seeing getting these bits of advice from???

There's no code and there's no advice. Hence Walt P's sarcastic "psychic" comment. Even if someone wanted to help the OP, it would be impossible. The OP is either just screwing around and doesn't even want help or he has some other major malfunction.


To be fair, he hijacked a thread in which the original poster posted the code he needed help on. That's the code he seems to want to convert, but it was unfinished in the first place. This thread was split from that hijacked thread, and since the only code posted was in the very first post, it didn't get moved. And why should it? It wasn't finished in the first place.

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