hi All,

Why when I drag the datagridview in my designer, they don't give me a selection on which data source?
How can i declare my datsource, dataset?


Dim Myds as New DataSet
Dim Mycmd As New SqlCommand(YourSQLQuery, YourConnection)
Dim Myda As New DataAdapter(Mycmd)

how bout table adapter? meaning the data from database will mapped to the table in datagridview

cannot...I cant even add a datasource, dataset and databinding...
I wonder why..Previously I was able to do this when once i drag and drop datagridview on the form...

But, today when I wanted to create another new project, somehow this happen...

mybe u hve problem with yr vb.net..b4 this i get problem to add data source but after i reinstall vb.net, it back normaly..

i think u should reinstall yr vb...

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Dim ds As New DataSet
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("your query", connection)
Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter(cmd)
Dgview.Datasource = ds

try this one

if I want to have this one, what should i do?


cannot create...no menu for create...what it show is none instead of add project data source

this code will automatic load 2 yr form when u create dataset..

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