good day,

i upgraded a pc from virus 98 to xp pro and i'm stuck with a freaking outlook express that doesn't work. if you open it, it says computer is out of memory or disk is full. the error number (i'm assuming it's the error number) is "0x80012ce, 3". after that, it says that outlook express can't start because msoe.dll could not be initialized.

i've gone through the web and the only advice i could find was that the .dbx files are read only, but that didn't help. they were on archive, however, the outlook express folder they're in is read only and can't be changed. i've removed outlook express from "add remove windows components" and then reinstalled it, but that didn't help. can't find a download for a newer version of internet explorer.

i tried importing the messages on my pc and they all come in. i've installed outlook 2000 on that pc and tried to import it, but it comes up with this message:

"unable to open outlook express message store".

and trying to open ingrid.wab i get:

"appears to be corrupt and cannot be used".

i don't know what to do anymore. i've spent hours on this and all i can think of is let her use outlook or install thunderbird. :cry:

thanks for any help you guys can give. i'm off to browse the java forum...

nevermind, got it sorted, but couldn't get the addresses. lady not too upset about it. she did slap me around and kick me when i fell on the ground, but she said it was ok. :)

How did you get around this?

outlook or outlook express?

for outlook express i gave up and installed outlook. if it's not the latest version, then you can fix the msoe.dll problem by installing the latest version of internet explorer.

for the outlook problem:

the message store it's moaning about, is like a storage place on the internet somewhere(that's how i understand it). if you go to "tools" -> "email accounts" -> "add a new directory or address book" -> "additional address books". pick whichever one grabs you. don't think there's much of a difference between outlook- and personal address book. think i took outlook address book. then you can go do that again and this time select "view or change existing directories or address books" and remove the internet directory. not sure what they call it. i'll go look for the website i found the tips on.

hope i helped. ;)

Thanks, the read-only got me.

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