I'm reading USA Today and this guy Mark Hughes has come out with a new book
about how to promote your company and generate buzz?

According to the article:

"Half.com was sold in 2000 to eBay in a deal valued at more than $300 million."

Here's my question .....

Would you write a book if you were sitting on $300 Million???

(I am certain this dude didn't net the whole chunk of change, but he's got
to be doing really really well.)

Buzzmarketing Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1591840929
USA Today Link: http://www.usatoday.com/money/books/reviews/2005-07-25-buzz-marketing_x.htm
His Website: http://www.buzzmarketing.com

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His expertise is validated by the sale of his company. With your own credentials why
wouldn't you find the time to capatalize on it just a bit more? The book will probably sell
like hotcakes.

If I used money to keep score about life, yes.

Even if I didn't there's probably a big ego boost to writing a best seller.

I think it just comes down to the fact , that they dont need to make the book but its gonna give them pure satisfaction knowing they have made a best selling book. I agree its purely ego or greed. :/

Personal fulfillment. It goes beyond money. Money alone doesn't mean everything, and most people are looking to make a name for themselves once they get money. I met a 28 year old kid who just sold his web hosting company for $50 million. He told me "...I just traveled the world twice....I'm bored as sh*t".

Be good,


I concur with the above posts. Money isn't everything. Its obvious with $300M in the bank, any funds coming in from a book deal will be drops in the bucket.

With that said, its probably a huge ego boost, and allows the author to position himself to launch future ventures.

Well, I'd write that book. I think the writer could find some time between the cruises to the Maldives and Accapulco to write it :D

In the end ... writing a book is not THAT hard and I am sure the book would sell since the author does have "experience"

While we do live in a capitalistic society, and while most things we do are a means to an end, that end isn't always financial gain. While I do make a nice amount of money running DaniWeb, I am sure I could make much more devoting my time to other causes (for example, I am heavily into Internet marketing and want to start an online advertising agency).

Writing a book can be pleasurable, it can be for prestige, it can be because he wants to help others succeed. I don't think any forum on the Internet would succeed without moderators who volunteer their time to help others.

Besides, what is he supposed to do? Just because he doesn't have to work anymore doesn't mean that he should just spend the rest of his life as a couch potato. He should take this as time to do all of the things he's always wanted to do in his life - which, perhaps, might include writing a book!

Why does Paris Hilton act? Why does she work? It would be a very very sad life if once you had money, you chose just to sit on your ass and not be productive in life.

Dani, you get a point here. Usually people who make money are the ones who've worked HARD for this. They are not used to sit all day, even after being financially secured for generations to come.

I don't think I could imagine the world if all the billionaires just gave up once they made enough money. Imagine if tomorrow, Donald Trump decided he didn't feel like working anymore and decided to just vacay in the Caribbean for the rest of his life. How about the Google founders Larry and Sergey? There would be no more Google. We'd lose a lot of our most respected and smartest people in the world.

Paris Hilton acts? I need to revisit the dictionary and look up the definition of acting lmao :D

Yeah, that's what I was thinking when I wrote it. But I can't really say - I never saw House of Wax. In any case, that's not the point. :)

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