I've been looking into implementing a simple networking option to a program I'm working on, and have looked around at what my options are.

The program is made in Managed C++(.NET), and so far have worked great. Browsing my options, I've found that .NET is also capable of networking, however looking around on MSDN like I usually do just gave me a huge headache browsing through the numbers of relevant classes, none of which have examples or viable instructions, and none providing any explanation on where to actually start, or what does what.

So, my question would basicaly be, where can I found some tutorials on the subject, but using .NET and C++, not another method for this, or better yet, an example I can try to meddle with to learn from?

Thanks alot.

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By virtue of C# being the more prevalent .NET language, most of the tutorials don't use the C++/CLI syntax. You're better off looking at a C# site like http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/Articles/ArticleListing.aspx?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=167 and trying to translate …

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That's good enough for me, thanks much.
All the links I could find have been in VB, and I'm not really keen on using that at all, C# is all good, thanks.

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