Hi guys!
I have a code:

String Lastlogon(string username, string domain)
                    DirectoryContext context = new DirectoryContext(DirectoryContextType.Domain,domain);
                    DateTime latestLogon = DateTime.MinValue;
                    string servername = null;
                    DomainControllerCollection dcc = DomainController.FindAll(context);
                    foreach (DomainController dc in dcc)
                        DirectorySearcher ds;
                        using (dc)
                        using (ds = dc.GetDirectorySearcher())
                            ds.Filter = String.Format("(sAMAccountName={0})",username);
                            ds.SizeLimit = 1;
                            SearchResult sr = ds.FindOne();
                            if (sr != null)
                                DateTime lastLogon = DateTime.MinValue;
                                if (sr.Properties.Contains("lastLogon"))
                                    lastLogon = DateTime.FromFileTime((long)sr.Properties["lastLogon"][0]);
                                if (DateTime.Compare(lastLogon, latestLogon) > 0)
                                    latestLogon = lastLogon;
                                    servername = dc.Name;
                    return latestLogon.ToString();
            catch (Exception)
                err = true;
                return null;

as a domain I provide "woobie.net"
as an user I provide Login "jlennon"

Unfortunately I always receive a message "server not operational"
Anyone knows what can be wrong with that code?

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From what I have read...Everything is ok...
I have checked the DNS server with IPCONFIG..and its correct :/

I have admin rights to extract everything I want...
Only this parameter is problematic

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